Like most photographers, we grew up taking pictures, but what got us seriously started was a sense of outrage over the neglected state of the Ninth Ward of New Orleans a year after Hurricane Katrina. From there, we somehow landed in commercial advertising, but found that excruciatingly dull–not to mention overrun by the online stock business.


At last count we had around 12,000 photos in our archives, but it’s near-impossible to find a pattern. Most photographers we know pick a particular style and stick to it, but we’ve never been able to muster the discipline. So the photos here are organized, for no particular reason, around countries. We’re not exactly travel photographers–it just looks that way.


Our current ambition is to hook up with a gallery in Paris to exhibit our best desert photos and in Los Angeles for our European material. We’ll have to see how that goes, but no question, our best work is the photography we shoot together.


And yes, all photos on this site are originals and copyrighted by glindarayepix. We’re working on a way to make photographs available for sale on the internet, but in the meantime, you can leave us an email if there is a particular photo you would like to purchase or license.