October 01

11 Fishing

  For all the news about the vast Russian and Japanese fleets vacuuming the fish population out of the ocean, it’s surprising how much of the world still relies for its seafood on commercial fishing the old, small-scale way. From oysters in the Belon River (where Louis XIV first tasted and rendered them instant delicacies), […]

September 30

11 Statuary

  The only thing these statues have in common is that, for one reason or another, they stopped us to gawk. For strange beauty, it’s hard to beat the African in the hills above Portofino. For kitch, a topless dancer outside a strip club in the Zona Rosa of Mexico City. A stained cherub, a […]

September 30

11 Istanbul

  Most of these photos have to do with trading, serving, and selling food of one sort or another. This should come as no surprise. At the junctions of Europe and Asia and the Black and Mediterranean Seas, Istanbul has been a major world entrepĂ´t since earliest recorded times. The food and drink on offer […]

September 30

11 Venice Beach

  A summer’s day on the Strand in Venice Beach, California, where there’s a fine line between street performance and pure exhibitionism.